Open Box Icom IC-R6 Sport Black Receiver S/N: 06002707

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Open Box Icom IC-R6 Sport Black Receiver S/N: 06002707. Missing hand strap.

Icom IC-R6 Sport (Black) Wideband Signal "Search Machine" (Cellular Blocked)

The power of listening to the world in the palm of your hand is possible with the compact R6! Whether you are listening to a shortwave station, the local airport approach or ground communications, or simply scanning the various frequency ranges, the R6 offers the most frequency coverage for under $200.

RX frequencies: 100kHz-1309.995MHz
Channels: 1300 with 22 memory banks

Wideband coverage
While the R6 receives an ultra wideband frequency range, the radio provides superior sensitivity and receiver characteristics, which are insusceptible to interference. Amateur stations, AM, FM, short wave broadcasts, TV audio* and a variety of utility communications can be caught and listened to.
*Frequency range depends on version. Analog TV audio only. Cannot decode digital TV audio.

Scanning functions
With 1300 alphanumeric memory channels, 50 scan edges and 200 auto write memories, the R6 gives you flexible scanning. Use the bank link scan feature to choose from and connect any of the 22 memory banks.

The R6 can scan* 100 channels per second high speed. This superior scanning power allows the utmost efficiency when searching over 1300MHz of spectrum!

Voice squelch control
The VSC opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores unmodulated beat noise. It is a handy feature for those listeners who are scanning for talk, news and music, but not data bursts or beacons.

Create your own software
Did you know that the R6 is computer controllable? The R6 features open source control commands that allow users to write their own software. Even more, software developers can build their own R6 interface!

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