Open Box Kenwood TS-590SG HF/6m 100w Base Station Radio

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Open Box Kenwood TS-590SG HF/6m 100w Base Station Radio

Radio tested and works as designed, internal packagign was opened to confirm all accessories included were intact.

The Kenwood TS-590SG is the successor to the popular TS-590S. The TS590SG HF/50MHz transceiver offers 100W of output power while drawing only 21A. The TS-590SG transmits on 160M, 80M, 60M, 40M, 30M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M, 10M, 6M and receives 0.13 ~ 30MHz and 50 ~ 54MHz. Building on the success of the TS-590S and improving, the Kenwood TS-590SG features an even higher performance receiver with superior adjacent dynamic range. Other improvements include advanced AGC control through digital signal processing from the IF stage, a highly reliable transmitter outputs high-quality TX signal, a new Morse code decoder, a configurable MULTI/CH knob and RIT/XIT/CL key, new Split function (TS-990S style), Transceiver equalizer configurable by mode, FIL A/B configurable independently with VFO A/B, Front or rear PTT selectable for data PTT and switching from HI CUT/ LO CUT to WIDTH/SHIFT possible for reception bandwidth changing in SSB mode. The TS-590SG uses a pair of 60 x60 mm fans for cooling which provides more airflow at a lower RPM, meaning less noise. A built-in automatic antenna tuner covers amateur bands from 160M-6M and can operate when the transceiver is receiving. Other features such as Digital/Analog noise blanking (NB1/NB2), DSP Noise Reduction (NR1/NR2), IF Notch and Beat cancel (BC1/BC2) make the Kenwood TS-590SG a joy to operate.

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