Open Box Lido LM-802 Heavy Duty Cup Holder Mount SN112749

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Open Box Lido LM-802 Heavy Duty Cup Holder Mount SN112749

Lido LM-802 Heavy Duty Cup Holder Mount

Heavy duty and very stable cup holder for large, heavy remote display heads or even your cell phone when used in tandem with the appropriate device holder. Base expands simply by twisting the unit, fitting snugly in any size cup holder. The height is 9.5" and the arm is adjustable and can rotate so that you can choose your best viewing angle.

Included is one (1) LM-2T AMPS adapter included. You can extend the height of the arm another 4.5" by adding an extender (LM-RX) which is sold separately.

You will need the remote head kit your particular radio, then attach that kit to the LM-802 using the LM-2T 4-Hole AMPS plate. If the holes on your remote kit do not match up perfectly, you may need to alter the hole pattern by drilling new holes in your remote bracket to match the hole pattern on the AMPS plate.

Safety precaution: Do not install any Lido Mounts over an air bag cover or within the air bag deployment zone. NCG nor LIDO Mounts assumes any responsibility of liability for injury or death as a result of car crashes and/or air bag deployment. NCG nor Lido Mounts is responsible for any damages caused to your vehicle, or yourself due to the installation or use of this product

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