Open Box MFJ-1234MB RigPi Station Server SN11333

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Open Box MFJ-1234MB RigPi Station Server SN11333

MFJ-1234 RigPi Station Server

Remotely operate your Rig from anywhere in the World using a web browser, mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, desktop or even a Kindle!

  • Use nearly any transceiver with CAT control, old or new, no computer or computer knowledge needed.
  • Operate all modes SSB, CW, FM, digital; any transceiver mode.
  • Control your station from anywhere via the internet using any browser; radio, rotor, CW keying, VoIP, digital modes, logging, spot monitoring, callbook lookups and much much more.
What else can you do?


  • Operate digital modes including FT8 and RTTY, WSJT-X, FlDigi are already installed!
  • Look-up call signs using included FCC database or optional QRZ XML subscription.
  • Monitor DX hotspots, watch for unworked or unconfirmed calls.
  • Design and maintain multiple logs.  Upload ADIF logs to ARRL LoTW server.
  • Send CW from a mobile device, keyboard, or a paddle/bug.
  • 32 programmable macros fives great control flexibility.
  • Single click updating.
  • I/Q Input for SDR radios.
  • Onboard VoIP server gives outstanding 2-way radio.
  • Includes email, word processing, spreadsheet programs.
  • Modify and program RigPi Station Server features using a text editor.
Multi-Operators / Multi-Radios:
  • Use any internet browser on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, tablets and phones.
  • You can open as many web pages you like on one or more devices  (iPhone, tablets, laptops, etc)
  • One browser can control a radio while a second can control another radio, etc.
  • In addition to using a browser, you can use these apps: CommCat Mobile for iOS and CommCat for Windows.
What is the RigPi Station Server (RSS)?
  • The RigPi Station Server (RSS) is a computer system that controls your station and handles on-the-air activities.
  • It is a radical new way of station control using a server.  It allows multiple users and radios to interact simultaneously using any internet browser.

The Hardware:

  • The RSS is a Raspberry Pi computer running Linux and RigPi Keyer and RigPi audio boards
  • The RigPi Keyer board uses the K1EL WinKeyer3 integrated circuit for keyboard or paddle input
  • The RigPi board is used for VoIP for remote operations, digital modes and I/Q spectral display (Panadapter)

Radio/Rotor Software:

  • The RSS radio/rotor control uses Hamlib, a library of over 200 radios and 30 rotors. It will be updated as new radios and rotors are released.
 For Technical Support: 
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