Open Box MFJ-1777 160 Thru 6 Meter All Band Doublet Antenna SN138365

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Open Box MFJ-1777 160 Thru 6 Meter All Band Doublet Antenna SN138365

102 ft. all band doublet covers 160-6 Meters with balanced line tuner. Super strong custom fiberglass center insulator provides stress relief for ladder line (100 ft. included). Authentic glazed ceramic end insulators. Handles 1.5 kW.


The MFJ-1777 is a multi-band center-fed dipole antenna capable of handling 1500 watts. It consists of a 102-foot “flat top” antenna fed with a length of 100-foot 450 ohm balanced “ladder line.”

This antenna requires the use of a suitable matching network (antenna tuner) with provisions for balanced-feed antennas, for interface with the 50-ohm unbalanced antenna outputs of modern transceivers and amplifiers.

This antenna will work as supplied, as a centerfed antenna, on all amateur bands 80 through 10 Meters. On 160 Meters it can be used as top loaded vertical antenna, with the dipole element acting as a capacitance hat on 160 meters. Operation on 160 Meters in this manner requires a ground screen or radial ground system. This antenna will not work effectively in its center-feed configuration on 160 Meters.

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