Open Box MFJ-264 1.5KW Dry Dummy Load SN112818

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Open Box MFJ-264 1.5KW Dry Dummy Load SN112818

The MFJ-264 is ham radio's most versatile 50 Ohm dummy load. It does it all -- works with all radios from 160 Meters through 650 MHz and from QRP to the full 1500 Watt legal limit. The MFJ-264 has a SO-239 connector.

You get SWR below 1.3 to 650 MHz and 1.1 at 30 MHz. Handles 100 Watts for 10 minutes, 1500 Watts for 10 seconds. It has a strong lightweight aluminum construction. The MFJ-264 Dry Dummy Load measures 3Wx3Hx9D inches and comes with MFJ's famous No Matter What one year limited warranty.


  • Impedance: 50 OHMS VSWR: Less than 1.3:1 at less than 650 MHz
  • Power Dissipation: 1500 Watts for less than 10 seconds -- 100 Watts for 10 minutes
  • Voltage Gradient: 10 kV / inch
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 350'C
  • Frequency Range: 1-650 MHz; usable to 750 MHz
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