Open Box MFJ-934 Manual Tuner S/N96817

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Open Box MFJ-934 Manual Tuner S/N96817. Box has visible damage from shipping.Internal packaging is good.

HF Antenna Tuner / Artificial Ground 

The MFJ-934 combines a versatile antenna tuner with an artificial ground. It turns a random wire into an effective antenna that works. it's great for traveling, emergency or as a makeshift antenna. 

You get all the best features of the MFJ-941E Cross-Needle Antenna Tuner and the MFJ-931 Artificial Ground in a single compact 10 5/8W x 3 1/2 H x 8 D inch cabinet -- and the MFJ-934 cost less. 

You get a 300 watt full featured, general purpose antenna tuner that covers 1.8 - 30 MHz. It has a two range, lighted Cross-Needle Meter that lets you read SWR, forward and reflected power all in a glance and a 4:1 balun for balanced lines. Plus you get an efficient airwound inductor, special high current/voltage 12 position inductor switch and two 1000 volt air-variable capacitors. It tunes all types of antennas and feedlines including random wire, coax and balanced lines. 

The MFJ-934 is unique because it has a built-in artificial ground. A ground matching knob lets you switch in inductance to bring an attached wire to a low impedance current point to form an artificial ground. A push button lets you use the cross-Needle Meter to monitor for maximum ground current. 

With an artificial ground to work against, you'll be surprised to see how well a random wire can work. Don't be surprised if you can work the world without hours of calling CQ. When you don't need the artificial ground feature, you can use the MFJ-934 as a full featured tuner.

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