Open Box Yaesu FT-2DR Dual-Band C4FM Handheld S/N9J660594

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Open Box Yaesu FT-2DR Dual-Band C4FM Handheld S/N9J660594. Radio tested and works as designed.

This exciting leading edge Transceiver is designed with ease of use in mind now packing an oversized back-lit touch panel display. At 1.7-inches the high resolution touch screen display provides loads of information through an easily navigable interface, providing stress-free operability and a high level of on-screen visibility for the FT2DR operator.

The FT2DR also is equipped with Yaesu’s versatile AMS (Automatic Mode Select) capability providing FM friendly digital communications that instantly recognizes either digital or FM analog communication and enables co-existance between the various modes. In addition, We have also included standard System Fusion features in the FT2DR to make it an ideal digital communication product for all Amateur Radio operators, such as (but not limited to): Snapshot with image data transmitting (requires MH-85A11U), Smart Navigation, Digital Group Monitor (GM) featuring position data and ID data transmitting during transmissions, and full support for the new and robust WiRES-X System.

The advanced FT2DR is loaded with various new features including: 700 mW of clear loud audio, Built-in High Sensitivity 66 ch GPS with antenna, 1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® function, Dual watch (V/V, U/U/, V/U), Dual Monitor (C4FM Digital/C4FM Digital), GPS Logging/Recording capabilities, Water resistant (IPX5 Rating), microSD Card Slot, 2200mAh high capacity Li-Ion battery and Battery charger included as a standard supplied accessory.

Radio Features:
- System Fusion Compatible
- C4FM Digital V/D Mode, Voice FR Mode, Data FR Mode and Conventional FM
- FM friendly digital operation with AMS (Automatic Mode Select)
- Easy Operation with 1.7" x 1.7" Large Touch Panel Display
- 700 mW of Crystal Clear Audio
- Snapshot Function with Image Data Display on LCD
- Built-in High Sensitivity 66ch GPS with antenna
- Smart Navigation Function
- Snapshot Function and Transmitting Image Data
- Digital Group Monitor (GM)
- 1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® Built-in
- V/V, U/U, V/U Dual Watch and C4FM Digital/C4FM Digital Dual Monitor
- Wide Band Receive Capability 0.5 - 999 MHz (A Band),180-580 MHz (B Band) (USA Cellular blocked)
- AF DUAL Monitor Capability
- Equipped with microSD Card Slot
- GPS Logging/recording to SD Card

Frequency Ranges: 
Main Band RX : 
0.5 - 1.8 MHz (AM Broadcast)
1.8 - 30 MHz (SW Band) 30 - 76 MHz (50 MHz HAM)
76 - 108 MHz (FM Broadcast) 108 - 137 MHz (Air Band)
137 - 174 MHz (144 MHz HAM) 174 - 222 MHz (VHF Band)
222 - 420 MHz (GEN1) 420 - 470 MHz (430 MHz HAM)
470 - 774 MHz (UHF Band) 774 - 999.90 MHz (GEN2)
Sub Band RX: 108 - 137 MHz (Air Band)
137 - 174 MHz (144 MHz HAM)
174 - 222 MHz (VHF Band)
222 - 420 MHz (GEN1)
420 - 470 MHz (430 MHz HAM)
470 - 580 MHz (UHF Band)
TX: 144 - 148 MHz, 430 - 450 MHz

Circuit Type: NFM/ AM:Double-Conversion Superheterodyne

FM /AM Radio: Direct-Conversion

Modulation Type: F1D, F2D, F3E, F7W

RF Power Output: 5 W (@ 7.4 V or EXT DC)

Channels: 1245

Waterproof Rating: IPX5

Case Size(W x H x D): 
62 x 110 x 32.5 mm (w/ SBR-14LI, w/o Knob and Antenna)
62 x 110 x 27 mm (w/o SBR-14LI, Knob and Antenna)

Weight: 310 g With SBR-14LI and Antenna

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