Open Box Yaesu MH-85A11U SN55424

Open Box Yaesu MH-85A11U SN55424 SKU: ZUS-1756



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Comments: Open Box MH85A11U SN55424. Missing internal bag and pamphlet

Speaker/Microphone with digital camera for FT-1DR/FTM-400. 320x240 or 160x120 photo resolution.

Works With: FT-1DR, FT-2DR, FTM-400

Caution: On the FT-1DR and FT-1DR-HD, this requires the radio be powered via Li-Ion battery or AC adapter. Does Not Work when operating on AA battery power! The AA battery case does not provide power to the data port, which will cause the speaker on the MH-85A11U to stop producing audio.

For the FTM-400: The FTM-400 does not provide audio output to the speaker on the MH-85A11U, but will still function as a camera and a microphone.

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