Phanteks Digital RGB LED Starter Kit PH-DRGB_SKT

Phanteks Digital RGB LED Starter Kit PH-DRGB_SKT SKU: FN0620


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Phanteks Digital RGB LED Starter Kit

Go beyond RGB with Digital-RGB from Phanteks. With Digital-RGB each LED is controlled individually (addressable), featuring more patterns and color modes. With Phantek’s D-RGB starter kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started with Digital RGB lighting. The starter kit comes included with the D-RGB controller hub, a remote and 2x D-RGB LED strips to light up your PC enclosure right away. Take immediate control of your lighting using the remote and choose from the best selection of custom color mode or sync the controller hub with a compatible motherboard and take control through the motherboard’s software.

Customize your lighting with Phantek’s D-RGB controller Preprogrammed with the best selection of color modes and patterns Easy control with a simple 3-button remote Works right away, without the installation of additional third party software.

MOTHERBOARD CONTROL (through software)
Sync your Digital RGB controller to your (addressable) motherboard with the included D-RGB Motherboard adapter. Expand the motherboard supported power output from 3 to 9 Phanteks Digital RGB products.

Mounting Magnets
Connector Input: 3 pin female 
Extension: male to female extension cable 
M/B Adapter: Digital RGB adapter 3pin (+5V,Data,N/A,GND)
Input Voltage +5V
Current 0.72A / 400mm
Wattage 3.6W / 400mm
Compatibility Phanteks 3 pin connector / M/B 3 pin DRGB Header (+5V,DATA,N/A,GND)
LED Spec Digital RGB
LED count 30 LED / 400mm
MTBF 20,000 hr
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