PO4Power 12V 6A Charger

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charges well except ...
Review by Christopher KB3CS
... it's an RFI nightmare. 80m and 40m bands filled with noise, especially in charge mode. Idle is better but still pretty bad.
version sold to me has non-detachable cables which are shorter than as shown in photo.
fine as a backup LiFePO4 battery charger as long as you are aware of how it messes up HF bands while plugged in.
Charger works well.
Review by Richard
I got this charger for my PO4Power 24 Ah and 50 Ah batteries. Works great, zero issues. I run my FTM300 with the 24Ah and my FTDX101D with the 50 Ah.
Works well
Review by Tripod
I purchased this along with 3 of the 12.8v, 12aH batteries at the Dayton Hamvention this year. Charges a battery in about 2 hours without getting too hot. The battery’s onboard BMS handles the charge regulation.
My only knock is the same as the batteries; no documentation. That aside, I’m pleased with the performance so far.

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