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Excellent Product
Review by James
I was looking for a single USB connection that provided CAT and audio to my rig. My rig is a TenTec Jupiter managed by Pegasus Plus. My homebuilt connection was not isolated and difficult to manage audio level and electrical noise. I was also running out of USB ports so using a combination device allowed me to free up a port.

The TI-3000 with the TT-001S cable was what I was looking for. Although the Jupiter uses a DIN-5 accessory connector, modifying the supplied DIN-8 was simple. Isolate and remove the outer 2 pins plus the unused center pin was all that was needed. It works great and now, apart from the previous goals, no unexpected PC issues.

It is truly a great product and I feel good that in an indirect way, I am providing a bit of support to this Ukrainian company. I hope for the world, this ends soon.

James KE8KYP

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