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B11f 1:1 Ferrite BALUN

The RadioWavz 1:1 Ferrite-core BALUN designed to handle full legal power with a low standing wave radio (SWR). It has 1 to 1 impedance ratio. The Trifilar hybrid ferrite core BALUN one of the most efficient BALUNs of this design class.

The BALUN is rated to handle 1500 watts SSB and 200W CW power. 1-50 MHZ with very low energy loss. The most efficient BALUN of the Design class.

A BALUN is a device, which allows a symmetrical antenna (e.g. dipole) to feed an asymmetrical line (e.g. coax cable) and vice versa. It is balancing an unbalanced input.

Construction notes:

The wire used in the construction of our BALUNS is a High Voltage High duty cycle, High Frequency wire. This wire is more commonly used in the fabrication of high voltage power inverters and many Mill spec BALUNS.

Many of the BALUNs on the Amateur radio market today only use basic transformer wire. This lends to High voltage stress, and dielectric breakdown with just moderate use.

These BALUNs are constructed with High tension eyehooks. The external threads, nuts and washers are treated with Pentrox, an oxide inhibiting joint compound to improve electrical conductivity and enhance the integrity of the connection.

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