Radiowavz EFH40 Half Wave End Fed Antenna 40 meters

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Radiowavz EFH Half Wave End Fed Antenna 40 meters


  • Power Handling 200w SSB/25w CW
  • Connector S0-239
  • Radiator 26 ga. 19 strand Copper clad steel poly coated

Operational Notes:

This is a mono band antenna designed to operate on the intended band. Out side of band operation is not recommended with out a tuner.

1. This antenna is a half wave radiator with one important difference: the feed line is at the end of the antenna. The antenna is suspended at its ends by the two included end insulators, one of which is attached to the matching Plug.

2. In order to have the least possible influence on the antenna, insulated lines are recommended for attachment to the insulators. The antenna may be suspended horizontally, vertically or sloping. Portable operation is easily accomplished by suspending the far end from a tree limb and letting the matching Plug hang just above the ground.

3. You can use this antenna from hotel rooms by hanging the matching section end just outside the window and letting the far end hang.

4. Tuning is best accomplished by using an antenna analyzer attached to the far end of the coaxial cable that will be used with the antenna. Simply remove the small counterpoise wire to start. Determine the resonance of the antenna. Only add the stub if needed to lower the resonant fundamental frequency. Once the initial resonant frequency is established, the antenna may be tuned just like a dipole.

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