RadioWavz QRP Loop Antenna 40M-10M  - QRP-SPARTAN

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Radiowavz QRP Loop Antenna 40M-10M

RadioWavz QRP Loop Antenna 40M-10M  - QRP-SPARTAN

A rapid deployment loop antenna that can handle 10W handily from 30MHz to 7MHz.  Easily transported in the convenient tactical backpack, this antenna can go anywhere you can.  The bag is large enough to accommodate this antenna, your QRP rig (most of them), and some other supplies/Take your shack with you, unfettered by coils and traps and guy wires and HOAs. 

This antenna system is designed by hams for hams, and is handmade in the USA by the good people at Radiowavz.  Never compromising in quality, these antennas are made to withstand the elements and withstand the rigors of field day and weekend camping trips.  It can easily be deployed in your attic space as well, in case you need a covert installation for your QRP endeavors.  

Please note that the tripod is not included, see recommended accessories below.

The weight of antenna, 2 pounds, and 8 ounces.  The weight of the bag and the antenna together is 5 pounds.

The outer diameter of the mast included with this antenna is 1 1/8".

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