Hardened Power Systems BatPac M2

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Innovative & simple, the BatPac is a problem solver. The Velcro straps wrap securely around a common RBC2 SLA battery (not included), providing quick, reliable DC connections for power and charging.

Perfect for Go-Bags, field day, and daily use.
Incredibly handy in the shack, vehicle, or on the go.
Never worry about shorting battery contacts again.
Flip the volt meter switch and confirm you have power.

  • Easily secured to a common RBC2 battery
  • One fused Anderson Power Pole pigtail
  • One un-fused Anderson Power Pole pigtail
  • Accurate, low-draw, switchable LED volt meter
  • 3D printed from high-impact ABS
  • Includes 5 amp mini fuse
  • Handles up to 20 amps!

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