Refurbished VERO VR-N7500 50W Dual Band Mobile Radio

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Refurbished VERO VR-N7500 50W Dual Band Mobile Radio. Radio has been tested and updated.

NOTE: Box shows signs of use and so does the internal packaging. 

Includes: Radio/Microphone/Power Cable and Bracket..does not include Bluetooth PTT switch.

VERO VR-N7500 50W Dual Band Mobile Radio

The Vero Telecom VGC VR-N7500 is a brand new 50watt VHF/40 watt UHF Headless ham transceiver with a solid build quality. It is very different in design compared to any other ham radio you have used in your mobile or base. 
The VR-N7500 can implement a smartphone as a control panel. The fuselage is installed in the trunk, the mobile phone is connected to the body through Bluetooth, and the automatic horizontal screen state is fully intelligently connected. 

View the Manual HERE!   NOTE: Following this Manual has proven success for many users

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