RFinder B1-Plus HT Radio, Android DMR, ROIP, FM, and USB QC3.0



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Customer Reviews

Great Radio!
Review by KE0TSE
So initially I had gotten a defective RFinder, I was very frustrated with all of the troubleshooting I had to do. Turns out it was just one in the batch that just didn't quite work right. Anyway as soon as Giga parts learned of my frustration and Bob learned of my frustration they were quick to resolve my problem. They even did this very quickly over the holidays , which is unheard of. Sue was very helpful and turned this experience around completely for me. They made sure to get me a new replacement device and it works fantastic! I love being able to hit my local repeaters and be able to get on DMRoIP when I'm not in range of any repeaters. I hardly use my hotspot anymore. Thank you RFinder and thank you Giga parts!
Review by Bill N0WHA
So far I'm loving this radio. I put my AT&T Sim in and away I go. I will say that I had to have AT&T override something with the SIM that was saying the phone was not compatible. They did the override and it works just fine. Now I will say that the battery life is not as good as I expected when having the radio on. Just the phone being on I would compare it to most phones as it will last as expected with use. The radio when I turn it on and monitor an analog repeater with not a lot of traffic will drain the battery faster. How fast? Well, I can get through my work day but it will be very low after 8 hours and not much use. I can plug in the USB for a quick charge or in my case I just went ahead and got the bigger battery and I think it will get me through the whole day.

Now, it is heavy and big. If you want to only carry this and not a phone you can but a fair warning is to be prepared for a bigger device. I don't mind as I generally carry a backpack and other stuff. If you still want to carry your phone but have a great RFinder device then get one of the tablets. I almost wish I would have done that but I'm pretty happy with the RFinder B1+ so far.

I also bought the Comet Antennas SMA-209J which is a flexible mini and it worked great. Was hitting a repeater in town about 3 miles away while sitting in my shack and worked great.
Great All Around Radio
Review by David K7GPS
As I'm back to travelling, I needed a multi-purpose radio capable of 2M/440 analog and DMR. My previous radio required a bring a hotspot connected to the internet. Now I just bring my RFinder B1+ on the Android platform so I can work DMR on RF, Wifi, or Cellular over IP. Cool radio, bit of a learning curve, but support and FB page are very helpful. Needed to read the longer instruction manual, but it's very well written. Online support is top-notch, better than other radio providers. Good supply of accessories available. This radio has come a long ways in the past year. Very fun to own and operate.

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