RT Systems YPS-FT5D Programming Software Only for the Yaesu FT-5DR

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RT Systems YPS-FT5D Programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the Yaesu FT-5DR/DE radio.
The radio can be programmed with the RT Systems USB-68 cable (available from this site), the Yaesu SCU-18 or SCU-19 cables (although they might not work on Win 11: See more details on this issue here), or with a Micro SD card. Click here for step by step details about using the SD card for programming the radio
  • Spreadsheet layout with many point and click options.
  • "Read" the current configuration from the radio for editing or start from scratch in a new file.
  • The programmer has copy and paste of memory channel information between files.
  • Column editing for changing several channels with minimal typing.
  • An easy interface to RFinder-Worldwide Repeater Directory, Radio Reference, or Repeater Book to get repeater information for your location, a travel route, or a vacation spot. Repeater details available for locations in and outside the US. (separate purchase or subscription may be required)
  • Other built-in frequency lists for easy memory channel entries (check File|External data in the programmer before you spend time on internet searches for frequencies. You may find just what you need!)
  • Ability to copy and paste spreadsheet or website data.
  • Much more than just memory channel programming with settings for other radio menu items.
  • Software works with Windows 8/8.1 (full versions), Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 11.

Manufacturer Disclaimer:

RT Systems programmers work with the radio specified from the manufacturer shown in the description.
No implication is made that a programmer is appropriate for a radio with a similar number from a different manufacturer. Actually, purchasing a programmer for a radio from a different manufacturer just because it has a similar number is strongly discouraged.
RT Systems takes no responsibility for the performance of your radio should you choose to use a programmer other than that listed specifically for the manufacturer and model of that radio you are attempting to program. Exceptions are noted in the description for several products. Check there if you feel your radio is a variant of the one shown, but be advised that the manufacturer will never vary. If the model is not listed, you should check with RT Systems prior to your purchase.
Installed software is NOT returnable, exchangeable or returnable.


Brand: RT Systems
Manufacturer's Part Number: YPS-FT5D
GigaParts Number: ZRT-YPS-FT5D-U
Part Type: Application Software
Product Line: RT Systems Radio Programming Software
Application Software Type: Programming/Cloning
Software Format: Web download
Computer Radio Interface Cable Included: No
Compatible Radio Manufacturer: Yaesu
Compatible Radio Model: FT5D Series
Computer Required: IBM-compatible PC


Compatible Radio Model Computer Required Operating Systems Supported
FT5D Apple/Macintosh MacOS 10.11.6 (64 bit) or higher
FT5DE Apple/Macintosh MacOS 10.11.6 (64 bit) or higher
FT5DR Apple/Macintosh MacOS 10.11.6 (64 bit) or higher
FT5D IBM-compatible PC Windows 7
FT5DE IBM-compatible PC Windows 7
FT5DR IBM-compatible PC Windows 7
FT5D IBM-compatible PC Windows 8
FT5DE IBM-compatible PC Windows 8
FT5DR IBM-compatible PC Windows 8
FT5D IBM-compatible PC Windows 8.1
FT5DE IBM-compatible PC Windows 8.1
FT5DR IBM-compatible PC Windows 8.1
FT5D IBM-compatible PC Windows 10
FT5DE IBM-compatible PC Windows 10
FT5DR IBM-compatible PC Windows 10
FT5D IBM-compatible PC Windows 11
FT5DE IBM-compatible PC Windows 11
FT5DR IBM-compatible PC Windows 11

The cable that comes in the box with the radio is for firmware upgrades when they are available from Yaesu. Do not lose that cable. You may need it in the future to keep the firmware of the radio up to date.

Firmware upgrades differ from radio programming.
  1. The radio must be put into a special mode that allows it to connect to the computer for that process. In the past, this was done with a toggle switch in the radio. The manufacturer wants you well aware that you are altering the internal workings of the radio.
  2. Think of programming as "upper lever" changes to the radio where a firmware upgrade involves "lower", or "deep" changes to the radio. Considering you can do the same changes to the radio via the keypad, knob and menus, programming via the computer does not touch the true underlying workings of the radio. After programming, the radio can be reset to factory defaults through a series of keystrokes.
So you have the choice of the RT Systems USB-68 cable, the Yaesu SCU-18 or SCU-19 cable, or a suitable Micro SD Card for programming.


Program memories and other settings of the Yaesu FT-5DR/DE radio.


  • YPS-FT5D Software


    • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, 10 (32 or 64 Bit), or Win 11


    • MacOS 10.11.6 or higher (64-bit)
Works with the RT Systems USB-68 cable, the Yaesu SCU-18 or SCU-19 cable, or a suitable MicroSD Card.
More Information: .
Does NOT work with the cable that comes in the box with the radio.
SCU-18 or SCU-19 may not work on Win 11
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