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The SIPfish Voice-Recorder MX10 is an all-in-one call recording solution designed for the unique needs of small businesses. It is a small-form-factor server that provides both call recording and a fully-featured web-based interface that allows you to configure your call recording system and listen to previously recorded calls. The interface is designed to be very user friendly, even for non-technical users. The workflow is designed specifically around the needs of companies looking to improve employee training, protect against legal liability, and achieve regulatory compliance.

The MX10 is not an active part of your calls, so it will never interfere with your connectivity or audio quality. Rather, it receives a copy of your VoIP traffic using port mirroring. Port mirroring is a standard switch feature that is widely available from most switch manufacturers.

Record All Calls

Enter the extensions you want recorded, and the SIPfish Voice-Recorder gets every call, every time.

Search and Listen
Quickly find calls by their agent, phone number, date range, and more with our fully searchable call database.

No Software to Install
Our easy-to-use web application is hosted directly on your Voice-Recorder appliance.
Easy Setup
Use a standard port mirroring switch to copy your VoIP traffic over to the SIPfish Voice-Recorder and you can be up and running the same day.
Find, Play and Manage Your Calls
The View Calls tab lets you search calls by extension, user, contact, group, call ID, date, note content, and rating. The results are displayed in an easy-to-read table that you can then sort, print, or export as a .csv file. You can also listen to calls, add a note, rate the call on a five-star scale, and share a call with colleagues as a downloaded file or URL — all from one convenient location.

Manage Users and Groups
The Users and Groups tab lets you create and modify entries for your agents. To help integrate voice data into your oversight workflow, you can easily assign users to different groups. Manager logins can be created to allow access to all the calls made by members of a group. And to facilitate self-monitoring and ongoing training, you can create logins so that individual users can use to access their own calls.
Generate Reports
The Charts and Graphs tab lets you quickly set up call volume reports filtered by date, user, extension, and group, and displayed in intervals of hours, days, or weeks. You can view the resulting reports in chart or table form; print them in a print-friendly tabular format; or download them as .csv files. 

Streamline Employee Training
Call center productivity depends on the quality of customer interactions. Real-world call examples are the most effective tools you have for training new employees as well as monitoring and improving performance.
The integrated SIPfish Voice-Recorder and Voice-Manager keep the technology out of the way and let you concentrate on training content:
 • New employee training. To motivate new employees and get them up to speed quickly, initial training can always include up-to-date examples of effective employee-customer interactions.
 • Evaluation. Employees can listen to just their own calls to confirm key details and evaluate their own performance. Supervisors can easily monitor both individual and group performance based on customized quality control standards.
 • Ongoing coaching. The ability to rapidly identify and distribute effective call examples allows your call center to respond rapidly to changing business needs. In addition, you can recognize high-performing personnel and involve them in training without taking them away from helping your customers. Or, when a calls goes poorly, a supervisor can step through it with the employee to identify problem areas and review ways to improve.
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Businesses and other organizations face a host of corporate and government regulations designed to protect consumer interests, reduce fraud, and ensure accurate record-keeping. These include:
 •The Security and Exchange (SEC) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations in the United States.
 •The Financial Services Authority (FS) in the United Kingdom.
 •The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in Europe.
 •The Customer Service decree in Brazil.
Recording customer calls is a requirement for many industries and organizations, including appropriate privacy warnings and protections. Noncompliance can lead to millions of dollars in fines and litigation, damage to your reputation, loss of customers, and increased risk of fraud.
The SIPfish solution helps ensure regulatory compliance in three ways:
 •Allows you to record just those calls that require recording, and find them again easily when needed.
 •Ensures that verbal contracts are recorded and archived with appropriate backups and privacy controls.
 •Provides a reliable mechanism for auditing employee compliance with specific regulations.
Control Costs
As technology and business needs change, IT-related costs are under constant pressure in all types of organizations. Total cost of ownership (TCO) for any given set of IT services depends on a variety of factors, including the cost of:
 •Hardware, software, and network infrastructure.
 •Time spent by employees on testing, training, and management.
 •Potential security breaches, system downtime, or regulatory noncompliance.
 •Facility real estate, maintenance, and utilities.
The SIPfish solution helps control your call-recording TCO in several ways:
 •Uses a highly competitive hardware pricing structure based on the number of units and lines required.
 •Eliminates ongoing software costs by relying on Voice-Manager, a web-based administration interface that updates itself when necessary.
 •Provides a complete integrated solution with no hidden setup costs and no ongoing fees for maintenance and upgrades, keeping time spent by IT personnel to a bare minimum.
 •Reduces the risk of accidental or undetected failures by providing redundant backup systems, robust security and privacy features, and easy-to-use interfaces.
 •Reduces training costs by helping call center personnel and supervisors monitor and improve performance.
Avoid Disputes and Limit Liability
No matter how hard organizations work at improving customer satisfaction, the occasional misunderstanding or dispute is inevitable. Disputes that rise to the level of litigation can be extremely expensive in terms of both legal costs and damaged reputation.
Reliable call recording can be helpful in limiting liability under a variety of circumstances, including:
 •Customer orders / verbal contracts.
 •Third-party verification.
 •Emergency calls.
 •Customer service, sales and tech support.
SIPfish products provide a single, integrated approach to limiting your liability:
 • Protects your data. The SIPfish Voice-Recorder includes an integrated RAID 5 hardware system. If the primary 2 TB hard disk does fail, a hot-swappable HDD system makes it easy to install a free replacement drive.
 • Limits legal liability. By ensuring that the right calls are recorded, backed up, and easily retrieved, the Voice-Manager interface helps you retain and locate recordings and related documentation for every agreement or interaction that could potentially lead to litigation.
 • Streamlines administration and training. The Voice-Manager allows call center personnel to receive ongoing evaluation and training without having to navigate confusing interfaces. By ensuring effective communication as products and markets change, you can minimize situations with the potential for escalating into legal disputes.

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