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Swiftech MCR140-X Drive Radiator and Pump

The patent pending MCR140-X Drive 140mm copper and brass radiator includes a built-in windowed illuminated reservoir, and an integrated high pressure pump (MCP30 model).  

Applications for this product are multiple:

  • As a standalone item, the MCR140-X Drive is a perfect DIY solution for users who already own an all-in-one CPU cooler, and simply wish to install a secondary cooling system for one or several liquid cooled graphics cards without tearing down their existing cooling system. 
  • the MCR140-X can also be used as the foundation for a CPU cooling system in space constrained applications by simply adding a CPU waterblock and relevant accessories, 
  • or it can be used as a secondary pump/radiator/reservoir combo in complex systems requiring two pumps in series. 


As a DIY item, the MCR140-X ships without fan, coolant, or fittings. The product is compatible out of the box with all G1/4 fittings, so any tubing can be installed at the user's choice. 

What you need to build a graphics or CPU cooling system using the MCR140-X Drive as foundation:

  • A waterblock for your graphics card or your CPU 
  • A 140mm fan
  • Tubing of your choice 
  • 2 pairs of G1/4 fittings for the tubing size that you want to use, with clamps if using barb fittings, or without clamps if using compression fittings
  • Coolant


The MCR140-X carries Swiftech limited 3 year warranty. 
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