Tarheel Antennas 200A-HP

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Tarheel 3.2-26MHz Screwdriver Antenna, 1.5KW 

Don't forget to look for the appropriate automatic screwdriver antenna tuner from TurboTuner! Proudly made in the USA, the TurboTuner comes in three models: ITT-1 for Icoms. KTT-1 for Kenwoods, ZTE-YTT-1 for Yaesu.

When properly installed on your vehicle the Model 200A-HP will provide continuous coverage from 3.4 to 26 MHz with the a 6' whip.

The Model 200A-HP like all the Tarheel Antennas is without a doubt the best built, the best looking, best performing, highest power rating motorized antenna for it's size and design on the market.

All of our antennas come with the sensors already pre-installed so if you decide to add one of the auto controllers (SDC-100 Simple Controller, SDC-102 Programmable Controller, Turbo Tuner) now or later everything is ready.

 What makes our antennas stand above the rest is all of our CNC machined components are either aircraft aluminum or stainless steel and blueprinted, meaning you can take 100 antennas apart and mix up the parts then reassemble them and they all work the same. Our coil form is approximately 2" in diameter and made of fiberglass. The other antenna builders know fiberglass is better but they choose not to use it because of the expense and difficulty in machining. We use 14 gauge wire for high power capability wound at eight turns an inch for maximum efficiency. The decoupler we use is CNC machined for tight tolerances with custom fingerstock designed to contact 3 turns of coil all the time with over 25 lbs. of combined contact pressure. With this design you can run up to 1.5 Kw P.E.P trouble free. It's so superior to anything else on the market.

Our antennas come with the Pittman 12 volt commercial grade gear motor for the best performance. It is very durable and very quiet while receive tuning.

Our weather shield is made of LexanTM. This is the same stuff used on racecar windshields and even used to make bulletproof windows.

The Model 200A-HP comes in  your choice of colors (black, white, red or silver), using the Dupont Imron 5000 system or Powder Coat Paint System. And folks this is not spray paint in a can. With this you get a finish that looks as glossy and last as long as the paint on a new vehicle.

That's just some of the effort that goes into a Tarheel Antenna. You won't be disappointed,  I GUARANTEE IT!

The antenna is a plug & play system. Included is the antenna. manual switch box, 20 ft. of control cable, ferrite decoupling core, base matching coil, 3/8-24 stud, connectors, fuseholder and fuse.

Lower Mast Length -- 4 ft.
Frequency Coverage with 6ft. whip -- 3.4 to 26 MHz
Power Rating -- 1.5 Kw P.E.P.
Typical SWR -- 1.5 to 1 or less
Total Height with 6ft. whip at 26 MHz -- 10'4"
Total Height with 6ft. whip at 3.5 MHz -- 12'
Weight -- 8.5 lbs.

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