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SignaLink "Plug & Play" Jumper Module - SLMOD13K - This jumper module is compatible with all KENWOOD radios that have a 13-pin Accy Port. This module will work with the SignaLink USB only.  It is physically too tall to fit inside the older SL-1+ model.

NOTE:  If your radio is not listed below, then we recommend trying jumper setting #1 first, and then setting #2.  You will NOT damage your radio or the SignaLink if you use the wrong jumper settings, but your radio will not transmit properly (no output power, "hot" Mic, etc.).


Setting #1 - This configuration is the most common and works with early Kenwood radios such as the TS-140, TS-450S, TS-870 and TS-950. Some newer radios such as the TS-570D and TS-2000/X also use this setting.
Setting #2 - This configuration is less common and is used by some newer radios (TS-690 for example), and some older radios such as the TS-440.
Setting #3 - This configuration works with the TS-940 only.


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