uBITX Version 6 HF SSB and CW Transceiver - Full-Kit

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uBITX Version 6 HF SSB and CW Transceiver Full-Kit - MBITX-V6

Support is offered only through the BITX20 group which you can visit here.

The manufacturer participates in this group and has done troubleshooting to resolve customer setup or defective concerns. In the rare instance of a defect, it would be handled with the manufacturer. 

Purchase your uBITX Version 6 HF SSB and CW Transceiver Full-Kit from GigaParts today.


  • VFOs  The VFOs A and B are switch by simply touching on either of them. The white box shows the currently active VFO

  • RIT Touch the RIT to enable Receiver Incremental Tuning. Touch it again to turn it off

  • USB/LSB Touch on either of the buttons to choose the sideband

  • CW Touch to enable CW mode. In CW mode, you can also use your microphone’s PTT for a transmitting a quick morse code message. Choose your keyer from the setup menu

  • SPL(IT). Touch to enable Split operating. Now,  the VFO A becomes the transmitting frequency and the VFO B is the receiving frequency. It is great for working DX!

  • Bands Touch on any band buttons to quickly switch to the band

  • WPM (CW) Set the CW sending speed of the keyer

  • TON(E) Set the sidetone frequency

  • FRQ Allows you to enter a frequency directly using a keypad

The ubitx v6 has a few shortcuts:

  • If you tap on the tuning control, you can move the focus on the screen from one box to another. Tapping the tuning control again will simulate pressing that button.

  • If you tap on one of the VFOs, Fast tuning gets enabled where each step of the tuning encoder results in a jump of 50 KHz. Use this method for quickly getting from one frequency to another.

  • The radio switches automatically to LSB when operating below 10 MHz.

  • To operate CW, the setup menu allows you to chose between Iambic A,  Iambic B and a straight (hand) key.

  • The CW is generated like this:

    • The second oscillator and the BFO as disabled

    • The first oscillator is moved to the actual transmit frequency

    • A DC bias is fed to the first mixer to upset the balance and allow the first oscillator to leak to the RF power chain.

    • The CW sidetone is generated from the Arduino and injected into the audio amplifier


Contents of the Full uBITX v6 kit:

  • Main uBITX v6 board1. Main uBITX board with mounting hardware
  • TFT – Raduino Board with Display with mounting hardware for the front panel
  • Encoder with pre-soldered cable
  • Tuning knob
  • Volume control knob
  • USB extender cable
  • Mounting screws, nuts
  • Microphone
  • Power supply jack
  • Speaker
  • Cabinet (box) – chassis, front, back panel, and top panels


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