Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio and Shark CB Antenna

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Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio and Shark CB Antenna

Get on the road fast!  Grab the easiest to use CB radio on the market, and pair it with the Shark Antenna and you are good to go!

This is the easiest decision you'll have to make this month!  Simply grab and go! 

The easiest to use entry-level CB radio on the market paired with the new and improved (and tuned out of the box) Shark 36" CB antenna.   

This is the easiest way to be able to communicate on the airwaves with other locals.  You don't need a repeater, you don't need a cell phone tower!  All you need is the power you already have in your car, your side-by-side, your motorcycle, or your dune buggy!  Just connect the CB radio (it comes with installation wiring and bracket) and place the antenna onto the center top of your vehicle and you are good to go!

Whether you want something to throw in the truck when you hop on the road with the family, or you want something to liven up the commute, grab this bundle that is made for ease of installation and peak performance!

Use the included mounting hardware for the CB radio, plug the antenna in the back, and use the included 12' of coax to run the antenna to the center of the roof of your car/truck! 

That's it!


Check out the specs of these guys below!

Uniden’s Professional Series PRO510XL Heavy-Duty CB radio offers High-Performance Full 40-Channel operation in a compact rugged CB radio. Extremely popular for Industrial, Commercial, and Off-Road use.

  • This PRO510XL operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC, and its S/RF meter and red-lit LED indicators help you monitor activity at a glance.
  • A built-in noise limiter and ANL switch and squelch control fine-tune performance and eliminate noise, and the front-positioned 4-pin microphone has an extra-long coiled cord for convenient use.
  • While communicating, flip on the ANL (automatic noise limiter) to help eliminate background noise, such as that from the car engine/etc. The squelch control also assists with eliminating noise.
  • A superheterodyne circuit with phase locked loop technology assures precise frequency control. Built-in External Speaker Jack allows connecting to an optional external speaker.
  • Included in the box: CB Radio, Microphone, Mounting Hardware, Mounting Bracket, User's Manual, Two-Year Warranty.
  • 40-channel mobile CB radio with superheterodyne circuit/phase locked loop for precise control
  • Built-in automatic noise limiter and squelch control to eliminate noise and improve communication
  • Signal/RF meter and LED indicators to monitor activity at a glance
  • Front-positioned microphone with extra-long, coiled cord for convenient use
  • Ultra-compact unit for easy mobility; two-year manufacturer's warranty

Shark 3' CB Antenna Black w 3" Chrome Mag Mount

3" Chrome Magnet Mount

12' RG-58 Coax Cable

Rated for 500W



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