USB Micro LED Light Stick

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USB Micro LED Light Stick with Fingerprint Control

This light is BRIGHT!

Environmentally Friendly and User-friendly power, this double-sided USB design allow a compact profile yet big performance!

Liquid crystal display backlight lamp is both thin and ultra-bright. Convenient to use, a must have for both personal use and business travel.

Simply plug the light into any powered USB port, touch the black area in the back of the small lamp, and the LED light will illuminate from dark to bright; when tapping the back of the touch zone, lights will automatically switch from on to off.  When the lamp is on, long press on the back of the touch area.  If you do not let go, the light will begin to gradually darken to your preferred level of brightness.  A long press on the back of the touch area again will allow the lights to begin to brighten; when it brightens to your satisfaction you can let go.


Package included: 1x mini LED USB light


*Please note that this is not meant to be used as a fob on a key chain; rapid and unscheduled disassembly may occur.

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