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Used Like New RT Systems USB-29A SN138439. Never opened from the box...still new.

USB-29A Computer Interface Cable: USB to 3.5mm Stereo - Addresses the speaker/mic jack of the radio for programming. Works with earlier versions of programming software.

The new USB-29A cable from RT Systems eliminates the need for a USB adapter to connect the cable to your computer.

This cable with its 3.5mm stereo plug is designed to work with the Yaesu VR-500 as well as most Icom radios for programming. While this can be confusing on some Icom models; suffice to say that Icom radios program through the speaker jack on most, if not all, models. (The IC-7000 is the exception being addressed through the CI-V port. That radio is addressed by a special cable designed just for it. )

The USB circuitry has been designed to work properly with the requirements of the radio during programming. You can count on this one working the first time and every time you program your radio.

The cable works with the RT Systems Version 4 software with the extra ease of not having to setup or identify a comport. It also works with other applications, including earlier versions of the RT Systems' programmers, that require a comport. Original adapters can be used with this cable just as they were with the original serial cables to address the radio (where necssary).

Now programming is even easier with a single cable.

(Less than half the price of the identical Icom OPC-478UC USB cable!)

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