Used MFJ-336S SN91613 on box

Used MFJ-336S SN91613 on box SKU: ZUS-1973


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Used MFJ-336S SN91613 on box. There are scratches on the bottom of the plate in the black powder coating. Package is in good condition

"Goliath" Tri-Magnet Mount Assembly 

The MFJ-336S Goliath Tri-Magnet Mount has three super strong 5-inch magnets bolted to 1/4 inch triangular mount. It has 17 feet of RG-58 coax cable that terminates in a PL-259 connector. 
The MFJ-336S has a UHF (SO239) antenna base connector.
CAUTION: Once it's on, it's difficult to get it back off! 

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