Used Very Good Alinco DM-430T Switching Power Supply SN138545

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Used Very Good Alinco DM-430T Switching Power Supply SN138545

Power supply tested and works as designed, no issues.

Alinco DM-430T Switching Power Supply 5-15 VDC 110V 30A Peak Anderson Power Poles

The Alinco DM-430T is a variable voltage, switching power supply that delivers up to 30 Amps peak and 25 Amps continuous. A slide switch on the front panel selects fixed voltage at 13.8 VDC or variable voltage 5 to 15 VDC. 

The DM-430T comes with short-circuit protection, a current-limiting system and temperature protection. A large back-lit LCD Amp/Volt meter displays the status of the power supply. There is a thermostatically controlled fan. Output voltage regulation is less than 2% and ripple voltage is less than 80 mVp-p at rated load. Input voltage is 120 VAC. There are two Powerpole® ports on the front panel. The rear panel features large binding posts and a fan. With removable AC cord. 4.93 x 2.37 x 6.3 inches (125x60x160mm) 3.53 lbs. (1.6 kg).

The Power Poles are mounted across, not + and - as ARES standard is.  It only takes about 30 min to fix the arrangement of the power poles. Take the cover off; detach front panel; release power pole panel mount; pull out roll pin; rearrange power poles; reinsert roll pin and reassemble.

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