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Comments: Used Very Good FT991A SN 8F210218. Box and radio are in excellent condition.

Yaesu FT-991A HF/50/140/430MHz All-Mode “Field Gear” Transceiver - Includes 3 Year Manufactures Warranty!

The Yaesu FT-991A is the successor to the extremely popular FT-991. The FT-991A is an all mode, all band MF/HF/VHF/UHF transceiver that includes C4FM (System Fusion) Digital Capability. The FT-991A operates on CW, AM, FM, SSB, and supports digital modes (Packet, PSK31, RTTY and C4FM). The FT991A provides 100 Watts of output power on HF and 50 Watts on VHF/UHF while pulling a maximum of 23A at 100W. The FT-991A includes a new dynamic real-time spectrum scope that gives radio operators the ability to graphically view the location of signals on the band and can be easily seen on the 3.5inch multi-color waterfall display. The 3.5 inch full color TFT touchscreen display provides superior operability and visibility for the new spectrum scope feature. A state of the art 32-bit digital signal processing system, internal automatic tuner, high accuracy TXCO and 3kHz roofing filter are included in the FT991A. The Yaesu FT991A is compact, lightweight and portable, weighing in at just 9.7lbs. Be sure to get your Yaesu FT-991A from GigaParts today!

**Note: MARS/CAP modification on this radio will only affect HF frequencies. VHF/UHF will NOT be expanded. There is no modification to expand the VHF/UHF bands on the FT-991A.**

- Dynamic Real-Time Spectrum Scope *NEW!
- Multi-Color Waterfall Display *NEW!
- 160 Meters through 70 Centimeters - SSB/CW/FM/C4FM Digital/AM
- 100 Watts (2 Meter / 70 Centimeter: 50 Watts) of Solid Output Power Performance
- 3.5 inch TFT Full-Color Touch Panel Operation for Superior Operability and Visibility
- Advanced Functions such as High-Quality Audio Transmission, AMS, and Group Monitor utilizing C4FM Digital*
- Triple Conversion Circuit (SSB/CW/AM) /Double Conversion (FM/C4FM) Configuration, 1st IF is set at 69.450 MHz
- Roofing Filters 3 kHz and 15 kHz as standard equipment
- IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT providing great QRM Rejection
- CONTOUR, DNR, IF Notch and APF (Audio Peak Filter, CW only)
- 160 - 6 Meters High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner included
- High Accuracy TCXO ±0.5 ppm
- Built-in Electronic Keyer
- CW Message Memory with Beacon Mode
- CW Pitch / Sidetone Control
- Automatic Repeater Shift
- USB Connector (CAT control, Audio interface, PTT/SHIFT control)
- Two Antenna Connectors (HF/50MHz, 144/430MHz)
- Optional FC-40 Automatic Antenna Tuner (for long wire antenna) is connectable
- Optional ATAS-120A Active Tuning Antenna is connectable
* Data FR mode (high speed data communication mode) is not supported, and transmission and reception of image data by C4FM digital is not possible

Frequency Ranges: 
RX 30 kHz - 56 MHz, 118 MHz - 164 MHz, 420 MHz - 470 MHz (specified performance, amateur bands only)
TX 1.8 MHz - 54 MHz, 144 MHz - 148 MHz, 430 MHz - 450 MHz (amateur bands only)

Circuit Type: 
Triple-Conversion Superheterodyne: SSB/CW/AM
Double-Conversion Superheterodyne: FM/C4FM

Modulation Type: 

Power Output: 
160- 6 Meters: 100 W
2 Meters/70 Centimeters: 50 W 

AM Carrier 
160- 6 Meters: 25 W
2 Meters/70 Centimeters: 12.5W

Case Size(W x H x D): 
9.0" x 3.2" x 9.3" (w/o knob and connector)

Weight: 9.5 lb

Warranty: 3 Years

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