Vectronics VEC-1402K

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2 Meter Preamplifier Electronic Kit

Low-Noise Amplifier

Soup-up your antenna system and 'pull the weak ones' with this easy-to-build LNA (low noise amplifier). here's a high gain, low noise preamp that will work wonders for your scanner or ham-band receiver. Unlike low-cost GaAsFET preamps, Vectronics kits use a high quality microwave type bipolar device for exceptional low-noise performance and immunity from damaging electrostatic discharge. A high-Q LC tuned input filter fights overload from out-of-band signals, and careful output matching ensures efficient energy transfer into your 50-Ohm feedline. will cover near-by out-of-band commercial channels with only minor returning.

Skill Level: Simple Calls for a few basic tools -- a soldering iron, cutters, pliers, wire-strippers and a small screwdriver. Doesn't require test equipment for final adjustment or tuning.

Note: This is merely the kit. If you would like to purchase a case for your electronic kit as well, you will need to purchase it separately.

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