VIS General Class Study Cards (July 2023 - June 2027)

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VIS General Class Study Cards (July 2023 - June 2027)
A smart way to study - - -

With a set of VIS Study Cards in hand, one can study in the same way as physicists prepared technicians for the Manhattan Project - -

- - Flash Cards - - Key Words - -

A quick way to study - - -

A few years back at the Virginia Beach Hamfest a Navy cryptographer bought NOVICE cards on Saturday and passed on Sunday ...another Navy cryptographer purchased our EXTRA cards on Saturday and came back grinning Sunday...he TOO had PASSED IN ONE DAY!!

At Jacksonville, FL a 10 year-old boy passed novice on Saturday, then bought TECH cards and passed it on Sunday!

A simple way to study - - -

VIS Study Cards contain the whole question and the RIGHT ANSWER on one side of the card, with the KEY WORDS underlined in both the Question and the Answer. The reverse side displays the question with the multiple choice answers as seen on an exam. WHEN the question and answer are KNOWN...the card is put back in the box...for a quick review before the test.

An easy way to teach others - - -

VIS Study Cards have been used in classes given by Amateur Radio Clubs in more than eight states... and by many individual Hams, parents and friends, all over the country.

At Dayton HAMVENTION (1997) a German Ham dropped by our booth to purchase a Vibroplex key and mentioned that he had just passed his Novice and Tech Test....asked how he'd studied...he responded with "VIS Cards"....which he had studied on the flight over!!

How about one more... Seven (7) have passed ADVANCED OVER NIGHT!!... and one woman, at the urging of friends from Baton Rouge, purchased a set of EXTRA cards at the Shreveport, LA Hamfest on a Saturday and PASSED the EXTRA written on Sunday!


      . . . . ANSWERS

            . . . . AND . . . . DRAWINGS . . . at your fingertips!

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