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ICOM Radio ACC1 to Sound Card Cable-- This cable is for ICOM Radios (listed below) that have an 8 pin DIN Accessory (ACC1) connector on the rear panel. It provides fixed level audio from ACC1 to the Sound Card for PSK31, SSTV, MFSK, RTTY, Packet, WSJT and other digital modes.

IC-275 IC-375 IC-575 IC-707 IC-721 IC-723 IC-725 IC-726 IC-728 IC-729 IC-732 IC-735 IC-736 IC-737 IC-737A IC-738 IC-746 IC-746PRO IC-756 IC-756PRO IC-756PROII IC-760 IC-761 IC-765 IC-775 IC-775DSP IC-781 IC-820H IC-821H IC-910D IC-910H IC-970E IC-970H and IC-706MKIIG (with optional OPC-599 ACC Conversion Cable)

If your radio is not on this list, do not order this cable.
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