Yaesu Motorized Mobile Antenna: 40m through 70cm - ATAS-120



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Great Mobile HF option
Review by Jeremy
I have used the ATAS 120-A for 4 years now without issue. Make sure you have a good mount and the antenna is grounded to the frame and you will not have any issues. I have worked all Continents from Florida with this antenna.
Convenient, quick set-up with some understanding
Review by Chip
I like the ATAS 120A for it's convenient set-up at trailer campsites. Recognizing that it's not a 7-band dipole or 33 ft. vertical, it works well. A 63 in. antenna on 40m is a bit of a compromise, so don't expect too much. I can run the coax into my travel trailer and be up and running in 5 min. with the ATAS. It takes me almost an hour to set-up my 35 ft. high inverted V. Recognizing that tuning the ATAS may take up to 2 min between bands, and ignoring what sounds like motor noise (it's the clutch designed to take the stress off the motor), it's a winner!

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