Yaesu DC PSU 13.8V 30A 120V AC Only



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Review by Bruce
hard to see the meters no back lite crazy, why didnt they build it with out ??
fan is a little noisy..
works ok ,
Great looking and solid performing Power Supply!
Review by Daniel
Mine about 4-5 years old now and has been flawless. Constant 22-30 amp loads and never a fail. Now running a 70 amp but keeping this for a backup as again, has been flawless but I have much much gear hooked to the unit so needed larger at this point.
Solid, Long Term Performer
Review by David
The FP-1030A is a solid RFI quiet supply. I am on my second unit now. The first went 12 years or a little more of continuous operation before the cooling fan failed. The supply continued to operate but would shutdown from overheat when contesting had the duty cycle very high.

The new unit works very well and I expect years if solid service, The fan operation parameters have change so it produces a little more operating noise than the old.

I will replace the fan in the old and keep it for a backup.
Long Lived Good Looking Supply
Review by David
I have just ordered my second unit. After better than 12years of constant on operation (no load, light load, and full-on contest it has proved quite dependable. After 12+ years internal cooling fan is not working well. Supply still works but is not happy with heavy contest transmirring.. Will replace fan and keep as standby unit.
First review 03/07/19 today is 04/29/20.
Review by Michael
Ok, this unit runs cool and gives the amps it needs to run my 450d, or 991a or ftm100dr including my Mirage 160 watt 2 meter amp at the same time.
This unit is now stored as a backup in my bug out trailer because I know what it will do and that it will give me the amps I need when called for and I believe it will last.
It never gets hot when 30 amps are drawn. That is 3 on idle and 30 on key down and I am long winded. I guess the made in China didn't make any difference in this case because it is Yaesu design.
Yes I would buy it again but I bought a different power supply that does 70 amps continuous because I am going to a bigger amp on HF.
If Yaesu would have made something that was rated at that amperage, I would have bought it. It concerns me that they don't and makes me think that maybe there is an issue with building them that big. We will see.
Gauges not backlit made in China
Review by Michael
Its been on for 24 hours with no load. It is quiet and cool. Dissapointed its not made in Japan and not backlit. Paid more for this with less amps than another unit that was 50 amps 40 continuous because it said it was made in China. Will update as time goes on.

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