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Bad audio recordings
Review by Albert
While the speech side is very clear, the recording and playback are very muffled. I installed this in my DR-2X repeater hoping to make voice announcements. I tried different radios without success. It is not worth my time to even remove it. If you decide to buy the FVS-2, try it with the covers off and the equipment open. Again, the talking feature is perfect. Recording and playback are not. Best of 73.
i put in drx2 repeater
Review by David
works great clear , understandable its fine..
Not Happy
Review by WILliam
The FVS-2 voice is very muffled and is not understandable for the most part. There are no instructions available from Yaesu (that I can find) other than installation instruction in the DR-1X manual. I am in contact with Yaesu and I expect them to fix the unit and provide operating instructions or refund my money plus shipping. This review has nothing to do with GigaParts and I do not want them to refund anything. My shopping experience with GigaParts has always been great. Thanks for providing a place for the review. I will post a followup based on what Yaesu does or does not do.

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