Yaesu Dual-Element Microphone

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Yaesu M-100 Microphone
Review by Randy (AI6AK)
Just received the M-100 from Gigaparts. Looks to be very well made and larger than I anticipated. The microphone screen is HUGE, lol. Doesn't look so big in the pics or with the cover on it but it is. The PTT button is silky smooth and it's nice having the four adjustment buttons right on top. The red light on top is also a cool feature. The height is easily adjustable and overall weighted very nicely. I'm currently using it with my FT-991(a) and on-air reports are great both in SSB and VHF/UHF/Digital modes. Overall I'm very happy with the microphone and I just ordered a second cable to connect to my FTDX-3000 and see how that works. Having one microphone for 2 radios (if it works) would be great. Highly recommended.

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