Yaesu Mobile Speaker with Mounting Bracket

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Yaesu Mobile Speakers 

The Yaesu MLS-100 Speakers are essential components for achieving a top-notch installation in your transceiver setup. Designed with practicality and functionality in mind, these speakers feature an all-black plastic chassis and grill, along with a black metal mounting bracket for secure installation. The attached 6 ft. 6 in. cable is equipped with a mono miniature plug, 3.5 mm in size, allowing easy connection to the external speaker jack of most transceivers.

In mobile installations, where the location of the radio body may necessitate the use of an external mobile speaker, the Yaesu MLS-100 proves to be a reliable choice. Its versatility extends to portable and base setups as well, making it a suitable option for various radio configurations.

The key advantage of the Yaesu MLS-100 lies in its ability to enhance the audio experience of your transceiver, delivering crystal-clear sound for maximum enjoyment. External speakers, such as the Yaesu MLS-100, are especially valuable in situations where the built-in radio speaker may be limited in output. By incorporating a high-quality external speaker, users can ensure clearer and more audible audio, contributing to an overall improved communication experience.

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