Yaesu SP-10 External Speaker

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Yaesu SP-10 External Speaker for FT-991/FT-991A

The SP-10 is designed to fit perfectly alongside the widely popular FT-991/FT-991A .  The SP-10 reproduces the high-quality output sound these receivers generate thereby providing clear and crisp audio for reliable communications on all HF and V/UHF bands. 

Along with the recently released M-1 Reference Microphone, the new SP-10 & SP-20 External Sound Speakers are highly functional yet very attractive accessories certain to increase the enjoyment of the various ham radio operations such as long distance communications with SSB, V/UHF casual operations with C4FM digital, and VoIP communications through the WiRES-X.

Yaesu SP-10 External Speaker for FT-991/FT-991A

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