Your First Amateur Radio HF Station

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Your First Amateur Radio HF Station

Setting up your first HF Amateur Radio station can be a complicated task. From selecting your first radio to putting up your first antenna, there are a number of important choices you’ll need to make.

Your First Amateur Radio HF Station is the most complete guide to setting up your station and getting started in HF communications. It’s filled with practical advice you can put to use right away. Whether you’re new to Amateur Radio or HF operating, live on acres of open property or in a tiny apartment, this book will show you how to get on the air and enjoy all that Amateur Radio has to offer.

What kind of antenna should you use? Your antenna is by far the most important part of your new station. The type of antenna you choose will determine how well your station will function for years to come. Learn not only the technical advantages and disadvantages, but the economics of choosing one type of antenna over another. Includes antenna designs you can build yourself!
What radio should you buy? Get the most radio for your money. Should you buy new or used? What features are most important? You’ll find the answers here!
Do You Need an Amplifier? Amplifiers are handy, but they can also be expensive. Find out if you really need an amplifier and, if so, how much you may need to invest.
What About a Computer? Computers and software are important components of modern Amateur Radio stations. Save trouble and money when shopping for one.
What Types of Accessories Do You Need? An HF station is more than just a radio and antenna. Find out which accessories will add the most operating pleasure and convenience.
Electricity – Good and Bad. Learn how to supply proper power for your equipment, and how to keep Mother Nature’s power – lightning! – away from your gear.

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