ABR Coax Jumper 400 Ultra Flex Cable with N Male on both ends

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12' 25400F w/ N Male Plugs WP-HST Both Ends and Weather-Proof HST

Closed Cell Polyethylene Dielectric.
84% Velocity of Propagation.
Very Flexible Moisture Proof.
Double Shield. (F100% + 96% Braid)
Ultra-Violet Resistant
Direct Burial Jacket.
Attenuation @ 100ft/Pwr/Efficiency.
0.5dB @ 10MHz.4.83kW.90% E.
0.8dB @ 30MHz.2.77kW.83% E.
1.1dB @ 50MHz.2.14kW.78.5% E.
1.8dB @ 150MHz.1.22kW.65.4% E.
3.3dB @ 450MHz.0.69kW.47.3% E.
RoHS Compliant. Made in America
Rotatable Antennas.
Shield Effectiveness <90dB

Stranded Center, 50 Ohm, .405” diameter cable, Black Jacket

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