Elk Antennas 70cm/440MHz Log Periodic Directional Antenna (N-Type Connector) - 440L8N

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Elk Antennas 70cm/440MHz Log Periodic Directional Antenna (N-Type Connector) - 440L8N

This very popular model Elk Antenna is being utilized all around the world. It is valued for its high gain, and low SWR across a large bandwidth. It is also valued for its amazingly compact size. You will find these 440 MHz Band UHF antennas in use by the military, public safety, commercial radio stations, and amateur operators the world over. The feed on all Elk Antennas is from the front of the antenna. Where you connect the feedline is where you point the antenna. What is a Log Periodic Antenna?

Note that this model does not come with a handle.

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  • Connector:  N-Type
  • Boom Coating:  Uncoated Aluminum
  • Gain 8.2 dBd (10.4dBi)
  • Number of Elements: 8
  • 20+ dB front to back ratio
  • 24 inch boomlength
  • 1.3 lbs. weight
  • SWR: 1:1- 1.4:1 420-450MHz
  • Max Power: 150W 


  • If used in a permanent installation, use some type of locking compound on the boomthreads.
  • Use all parts of the band without retuning.
  • Easy polarity change by twisting mounting assembly.
  • Makes great RV and portable antenna because of short assembly-disassembly time and light weight.
  • Super fast assembly, color coded threaded elements screw onto color coded boom. Just match colors.
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