Alinco DR-735 50W Mobile/Base VHF+UHF Full-Duplex Transceiver



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Customer Reviews

Excellent Analog Radio
Review by Dennis
I've been using this as my base 2m/70cm rig for months now and am very happy with it. Simple to navigate menus. Easy to set up and use X band repeat. Since digital modes are very splintered in my area, analog dominates.
Considering a 2nd for mobile operations. Will depend on need for digital and aprs for mobile
Great Radio, Poor Microphone
Review by Roy
I like everything about this radio, especially the multi-color display and cross band repeat function. However, according to reports, the audio from the microphone sounds pinched and tinny. The hole for the microphone is off-center from the mic cartridge. I had to drill a 1/16 hole directly over the mic cartridge and other hams said the difference was like night and day. Audio is now nice and clear.
Great Radio
Review by Joe R
Excellant Price

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