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Alpha Delta Coax Surge Protector - Type N, F/F, 50ohms, 3GHz, 200w

Alpha Delta Model ATT3G50DIN/HP precision 50 ohm broadband coax surge protector. 7/16DIN receptacle connectors. Broadband, low loss, high power ratings with field removable gas tube ARC-PLUG (tm) cartridge.

•Broadband DC thru 3 GHz: <0.1dB @ 1 GHz; <0.2 dB @ 2 GHz; <0.5 dB @ 3 GHz

•Rated at 2 kW RF power, assuming an antenna feed point VSWR of 2:1 or less.

•Device VSWR less than 1.3:1 across frequency range.

•Model 3G50HP ARC-PLUG (tm) gas tube surge discharge cartridge is field replaceable with a twist of the knurled knob. No tools required. This design allows the surge protector itself to remain in the sealed coax cable circuit during ARC-PLUG (tm) replacement, solving a major field maintenance problem.

•Design of the precision constant impedance thru-line cavity, using no internal LC components, allows control voltage thru-put for antenna head-end equipment, without needing the “wire around” requirement of other, older designs.

•Complete “O” ring design for the ARC-PLUG (tm) gas tube cartridge and sealed 7/16DIN connectors provide complete environmental protection for outside, external applications.

• Above electrical specifications are “typical” and depend upon the integrity and application of jumper test coax cables, measurement techniques and test equipment type and calibration.

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