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Alpha Delta Delta-C Antenna Hardware Kit (Including center insulator with SO-239 connector, 2ea. Model CIN end insulators, Model SEP ARC-PLUG (tm) static protector)

This kit contains one DELTA-C center insulator, antenna connection hardware, one model SEP Arc-Plug Static Electricity Protector (installed on the back of the DELTA-C) and two model DELTA-CIN end insulators. The antenna hardware is constructed using Alpha Delta’s exclusive Model Delta-C Center Insulator and Model CIN End Insulators which are molded of Deltalloy™, an extremely tough and durable plastic specifically blended to withstand sunlight and extreme weather conditions. The use of stainless steel hardware and heavy 12 gauge pvc coated solid copper wire assures that this antenna will tolerate the harshest environments.

For proper installation, feed the antenna wire through the strain relief holes on each side of the Delta-C Center Insulator, wrap it back on itself approximately 3-5 turns, then route the end of the antenna wire to the solder lug on each set of connection hardware. A small loop may be formed from the wrap to the lug to relieve tension. See the drawing for suggested connection method (be sure to reinstall the hardware in the same sequence as provided--washers, nuts, etc., and do not overtighten the wing nuts).

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