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HOA Solution
Review by Patrick
Like many here, I am confined to HOA limitations. My installation is an attic inverted-V about 30-inches beneath an OSB and shingle roof. The DX-EE has performed so well that it is almost difficult to call it a compromise, especially since 1st year licensees like me don't typically operate a 1500W directional beam antenna atop a 40ft tower. Installation took a few hours and my fingers were numb for a day from shaping the 12-gauge wire. Coupled with a 30ft RG-8X run to my new 991A, I was soon on the air. Initially I was disappointed by heavy noise in the 20m and 40m bands. After troubleshooting I IDENTIFIED A 50ft LED LIGHT STRIP IN A TRAY CEILING AS THE CAUSE OF THE EXCESSS NOISE. Turning off that switch before operating solved my problem.

As others have stated, you'll need to shorten the 40m segment to optimize phone segment SWR. In fact, all bands need to be shortened in order to accommodate my preference for voice. Initial SWR's from my installation are 10m- 1.09 @ 27.95Mhz, 15m- 1.05 @ 20.90MHz, 20m- 1.02 @ 13.94MHz, and 40m- 1.25 @ 6.90MHz.

Will update this review after making length adjustments, but even with only the onboard ATU in my 991A I am receiving favorable voice signal reports on 10m from Eastern Europe to my station in Wisconsin. Also able to reach all four corners of CONUS without difficulty on 10m, 15m, and 20m. Still too far out of voice segment to comment on 40m but a potential 1.25 SWR certainly lends promise. In summary, don't hesitate on the DX-EE! This antenna provides excellent value and the installation process will leave you feeling accomplished after your first successful QSO.
Great attic antenna in HOA
Review by SEMN ham
I downsized from a tower/beam to an HOA location. I do have permission for a multiband vertical in my backyard but wanted to be on HF this winter/spring. I also thought an alternative horizontally polarized antenna is a good backup . I tuned the antenna in the woods at my old QTH, had to shorten it a bit on all bands. I had the cable guy install the attic just before the sheetrock went in (due to medical issues the xyl says no more attics climbing for me). The tuning stayed flat on 20,15,10 but slid on 40 from 7.2 to 7.05 midband; had to use an old manual tuner on 40 SSB but the 7300 autotuner handles the rest. It's a well built antenna, a bit overkill for indoors.
I really performs well on 20-10. I've worked into western Europe, Africa, So America with 100w SSB. I don't do much FT8 but that and psk31 it works great too. Perhaps being at 1220 above seal level helps. It's a bit pricey but I wanted something that won't stretch and detune since I'll never see it again up in our attic.
Takes some tinkering
Review by Pat
Out of the box it is resonant below the band edges on all supported bands. Now that could be due to low mounting, but this is advertised as an antenna for restricted space where low mounts are the norm. I'll be shortening some leads. Don't forget to tune 20m before 40m since the top wire supports both bands.
The autotuner on my transceiver wouldn't touch it, even though SWR was about 1.5:1 on that particular frequency. Found several references to the "static voltage module" (mounted on the back of the center insulator) being the culprit. I removed that and the antenna is now acceptable to my tuner.
I do think it is a sound antennal, solidly built. Just don't expect to transmit out-of-the-box like it's some VHF/UHF stick.

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