Mastrant rope has revolutionized radio antenna and tower installation! Using state of the art synthetic materials, Mastrant has made the lightest, most durable guy ropes with an incredible strength to weight ratio. Mastrant rope can be used in many applications and is internationally recognized for its superior strength, durability, and value.

Mastrant rope overcomes the negative attributes of guying with steel cables. Steel guy wires negatively affect an antenna's radiation pattern, where synthetic materials do not. Steel is also heavy, rigid, and difficult to work with and is prone to corrosion. Mastrant is the vanguard for developing high-performance synthetic rope in permanent installations and other applications. Whether you are erecting a tower, installing a vertical antenna or installing a wire antenna, look no further than Mastrant rope. Using Mastrant's full line of anchoring equipment will ensure that your antenna will be on the air for years to come!

Mastrant offers two lines of guy rope for your needs: Mastrant M and Mastrant P. Both product lines share the characteristics of having great strength along with UV resistance and durability in all kinds of weather.

Mastrant P uses modern polyester fibers leveraging strength with value. Mastrant P will provide superior performance over other brands of rope or “paracord” and is even suitable for replacing steel guy wires in most applications.

Mastrant M is premium, light-weight rope with maximum strength and minimal elongation properties thanks to Dyneema, one of the world's strongest synthetic materials. Dyneema is an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene material commonly used by the military for ballistics armor. Choose Mastrant M when maximum elongation must be kept to a minimum (high angle guying) or when minimum weight is critical (DXpeditions and hiking).

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Wire antenna suspension (G5RV, DX-80, etc) 1mm Rope 2mm Rope Carabiners
Wire antenna suspension (Heavy Duty) 2mm Rope 3mm Rope Turnbuckles
Vertical antennas < 50ft, mast <2" 3mm Rope 4mm Rope Hardware Packs
Vertical antennas <120ft, mast <4" 4mm Rope 5mm Rope Tensioners
3 element Yagi, mast <60ft 5mm Rope 6mm Rope Pulleys
7 element Yagi, Lattice tower <50ft 6mm Rope 8mm Rope Fist Grips
3 stack of 5 element Yagi's, Lattice tower <200ft 10mm Rope Mast Clamps
12mm Rope