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Model UCGC Universal Copper Ground Rod Clamp for direct attachment of Alpha Delta Model ATT/TT3G50 series broadband coax surge protectors to your ground rod. This is UNIQUE in the industry!

  • The Model UCGC clamp is designed to mount directly on a standard 5/8” copper ground
    rod and will provide for direct mounting of up to 4 Model ATT/TT3G50 series coax surge
    protectors, in a variety of connector styles, to meet your antenna requirements. Photo shows 4
    units mounted, for illustration (UHF, Type F and type N Model ATT3G50 protectors).

    • The Model UCGC clamp is made from solid copper and has stainless steel mounting hardware
    with 6 bolts, washers and nuts. It includes an adjustable copper ground wire clamp for your
    station single point ground wire of up to 4 ga. in size. For convenience, point the ground wire
    clamp downward as shown in the photo. This will clear the Model ATT device above it.

    • The unique design allows direct mounting of the protectors to the ground rod, with the surge
    voltage discharge going straight into the ground rod for maximum station protection. No lossy
    long wires to ground. If the ground rod with Model UCGC clamp is mounted at the base of a
    vertical antenna, the 6 bolts can be used for radial attachment. Then, youʼll have radial
    attachment and direct ground at the same point.

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