Ameritron PNP-8DI

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These cables connect the ARB-704 Interface buffer to various transceivers.

Model # Transceivers
PNP-5D FT-980
PNP-5M FT-847
PNP-7D TS-440, 690, 450, 180, 140, 950, 130, 870, 2000,
50, 120, 530, 430, 830, 850, 940, 570
PNP-7DI ICOM ACC2 7-pin jack
PNP-7DK TS-930 (serial #'s below 309)
PNP-8D FT-1000/2000(MP), 767GX, 920, 990, 747GX
PNP-8DI ICOM ACC 8-pin jack
PNP-8M FT-890, 840, 817, 857, 897, 450, 950, 900
PNP-8MK TS-480
PNP-10MY FT-DX10, FT-450, 950, 1200
PNP-13D ICOM radios that support either the AH-3 or AH-4 remote tuner
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