Astron BB-30M

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Astron Battery Backup Module

Mission critical power solution
This unit is ideally suited for Battery Backup and Peak Power load-sharing that require high system reliability in industrial and mission critical applications. The battery charger is built-in and continuously charges the external battery. The LED (green) indicates when the battery is charging.

Backup Redundancy
The DC Power Supply source delivers full power to the output load at the same time the external battery is continuously charged to full power. In the event the power supply source fails, the unit automatically and immediately switches to the battery source assuring no loss of power to the load.

Easy installation, safety and reliability
These units integrate passively and seamlessly with standard 13.8 and 27.6 Vdc power supplies and standard 12 volt and 24 volt sealed lead-acid batteries. The unit's packaging is a rugged metal case with heavy duty connections. The input and output screw-type terminals are easily accessible which ensures a safe and reliable installation.


  • Automatically switches to the battery source upon power supply failure
  • Built-in battery charger for standard 12 and 24v batteries (13.8 and 27.6Vdc)
  • Battery and power supply sources may combine during peak power events
  • Built-in fuse protection on battery charging and discharging
  • Front Panel 3 WAY LED indicator Indicated's Battery Charged, is Charging, and Battery back-up
  • Industrial design and metal construction quality
  • RoHS (lead free) compliant
  • Maximum Output Current: 30A
  • Charging Circuit Type: Float charger
  • Fused
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